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Spa Services

Welcome to Spa Revolution! We're here to help with all your organic, natural spa treatments. Read about our services to the right and click the BOOK NOW buttons to schedule an appointment. 

Revolution Massage

This massage is an excellent choice for relieving the mind and body of stress and creating an overall sense of wellbeing. Firm but light pressure is used with long continuous movements creating a full body relaxing effect.

$65/30 minutes $85/60 minutes $135/90


Face, Hands, and Feet

Rejuvenating and restorative massage focused on the face, head and neck, hands, forearms, feet and lower legs. Great for restoring skin hydration and overall relaxation.

$75/30 minutes $105/60 minutes $155/90


TMDJ and Headache

Deep tissue massage concentrated on trigger points common to the face, jaw, head and neck. Specific application of firm pressure helps to relieve pain and discomfort. Drink plenty of water before and after to receive the full benefits of this treatment.

$75/30 minutes $105/60 minutes $155/90


Pregnancy Relief

This light to medium pressure massage is ideal for treating discomfort that goes along with pregnancy. Full body relaxation massage or tailored to focus on specific problem areas, such as hips or feet, this is perfect for helping you get through the day!

 $85/60 minutes  $135/90 minutes


Deep Tissue

Deep pressure accurately applied to trigger points can relieve pain from chronic muscular conditions. Drawing on NMT techniques, a massage plan is designed to fit your specific needs. Drink plenty of water before and after to receive full benefit.

$75/30 minutes $105/60 minutes $155/90 minutes


Integrative therapy

A medium pressure full body massage pulling on various neuromuscular techniques, including myofascial release and triggerpoint therapy. It is designed to work out some muscle knots while still giving overall relaxation.

$65/30 minutes $95/60 minutes $145/90 minute



Deep tissue massage utilizing therapist body weight, applied with the feet and tempered by support bars mounted to the ceiling. Pressure is tolerable because the feet offer a larger surface area.

$115/60 minutes $165/90 minutes



Receive treatment fully clothed in our comfortable massage chairs. Perfect for the last minute or lunch break massage!

$65/30 minutes 


Aromatherapy Face and Neck

We apply sinus relief oil blend with a gentle sinus and lymph drainage massage (coconut, sesame or grapeseed oil to suit your skin type). We finish with a warm towel wrap and an antihistamine rosewater spray to send you breathing happily on your way.

$105/60 minutes 


Feet Treat

Start with Coconut Sugar Scrub, continue to reduce your tension in an herbal foot-soak and wrap it up with a foot massage to relieved tension in the feet. This is an amazing and all natural alternative to a conventional pedicure.

$105/60 minutes

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